My Top Uses for Activated Charcoal - and Why I Love it!

Activated charcoal is essentially extremely charred materials that become 'activated' by being processed at incredibly high temperatures. During this process, the charcoal becomes porous and negatively charged, which enables it to trap toxins and chemicals (both inside and outside of the body!). Activated charcoal can be used to remove internal toxins when taken as a supplement, or external toxins when used topically.

You can purchase activated charcoal here.

Now that you know why I love activated charcoal, let's get into how I like to use it.

As a detox supplement

Taking activated charcoal internally is a great way to assist your body in the detox process. We are constantly ingesting toxins throughout the day via the water that we drink, the air that we breathe, and from the utensils that we use to eat (plastic water bottles, tupperware, plates, etc)! Because it has no taste or odor, it is super easy to incorporate it into different recipes; here are three of my faves (click for the links to the recipe pages)!

Charcoal Ginger-ade


For teeth whitening

Activated charcoal has gotten very popular for its teeth polishing/whitening abilities. Due to the abrasive nature, you should only use this once per week! Simply add some powder on top of your usual toothpaste and brush for a 2 minutes. Leave it for another 2-5 minutes if you'd like to increase the effect!

Add it to a face mask

Activated charcoal is great at drawing impurities and toxins out of the skin. You can add it to your favorite face mask to give it an extra boost (mine is this aztec clay mask, I use it several times per week!), or you can make your own face scrub, using charcoal, coffee grounds and honey!


Have you ever used activated charcoal? Let me know your favorite ways to use it, I'll talk to you soon babes!